Chinese interns start placements at leading Dubai companies

November 19, 2014

Chinese interns start placements at leading Dubai companies

The graduates enrolled in Dubai Business Associates (DBI) – a prestigious programme run under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, offering outstanding Chinese graduates an unrivalled opportunity to study and do business in Dubai – have commenced work placements at leading companies in the emirate.

Through spending time with some of the region’s most influential captains of industry and successful firms, the 17 interns will gain first-hand experience in the field and learn about Dubai’s role as a gateway for China into emerging markets, experiences which will help unlock their potential as business leaders of tomorrow.

It is also an opportunity for the graduates to put theory into practice following the completion of training modules delivered by the European School of Management and Technology and local providers Capadev and Bon Education, as well as a series of cultural exchange activities.

Nine firms – spanning tourism, trade, logistics and finance – are participating in the fully-funded programme facilitated by Falcon and Associates, including:Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, Dubai Financial Services Authority, Dubai International Financial Centre Courts, DP World, Emirates Group, Emaar, Emirates NBD and Jumeirah Group.

Jumeirah – which has a property in China, the Himalayas Hotel Shanghai, and a further eight Chinese hotels in the pipeline – views the associates as mutually beneficial.

“In the UAE we currently have over 150 Chinese colleagues working for us who add great value to our company so we know the interns will add even more value,” said Alan Simpson, Vice President – Talent, Learning and Leadership Development. “Developing talent from all over the world is key to keeping us current and up-to-date. The interns will be a huge advantage for Jumeirah – they will help us learn more about Chinese culture. It is definitely an exchange of knowledge and culture from both parties.”

DP World – which has interests in Tianjin, Qingdao, Yantai and Hong Kong – echoed this view.

“We can learn from each other’s experiences and way of doing things – it’s a win-win situation for everyone,” said Robin Windley, Senior Vice President of Human Capital. “There is an exchange of ideas, which broadens awareness of DP World as a global organisation, building networks for the interns to take forward with them in their careers. It also strengthens UAE-China development opportunities and relationships.”

The graduates – from leading international and Chinese universities – are excited about the placement.

Weining Qiu, from Guangzhou, is looking forward to working in Jumeirah’s marketing department. “The DBI programme has been amazing so far and Dubai is an incredible place – I love it for its diversity, happiness and optimism – but, for me, the placement is going to be the most rewarding part,” said Qiu. “I am keen to put the academic theory into practice and, most importantly, work alongside people who can share valuable insights on life in the region, as well as give me experience and knowledge to help start my career.”

Longchao Huang, from Guangzhou, will gain exposure to shipping operations at DP World. “I am super excited – to have the opportunity to work at a huge global firm and to learn from industry leaders, it is incredible,” said Huang. “The projects we have been assigned look challenging but it will be a fantastic learning experience which will give me a real advantage when I start applying for jobs.”

Following the 15-week placement the interns will return to the classroom for five weeks before spending a further 10 weeks at their assigned Dubai business. The programme then concludes with a two-week academic session.