Video: Dubai Business Associates Online Info Session

May 9, 2019

Video: Dubai Business Associates Online Info Session

Watch the recorded video of the DBA programme’s first online info session. DBA Programme Director Mr. James Maughan and DBA alumni delivered a presentation and panel discussion in Shenzhen, China on 15 April 2019.

*If you cannot see the above video due to network constraints, please view it on Youku. .

Highlights include:

07:18 – DBA Programme and Live Broadcast introduction

09:10 – Welcome speech by Mr. Cao Cong, Executive Secretary General of Shenzhen Foundation for International Exchange and Cooperation

12:44 – Welcome speech and presentation by Mr. James Maughan, DBA Programme Director

14:40 – What does the DBA logo represent?

17:43 – What criteria do the recruitment team seek? Who should apply?

20:55 – Stages of the application process

23:47 – DBA Alumna Shuangshuang Wu shares her experience on the DBA programme

32:03 – Q&A with DBA Alumni panel
35:55 – What was your perception of Dubai before joining and how has going to Dubai changed that?
40:15 – What part of the programme was most beneficial?
47:30 – How did you leverage the programme to boost your career?
52:57 – What do Dubai and Shenzhen have in common?
56:00 – If you could make one suggestion to an applicant, what would you say to them?

Questions from Audience
1:02:00 – What if I already have a clear career path in mind, and I’m not looking for a turning point? Should I apply?
1:06:00 – I don’t have a strong academic background. Will my motivations and passion be taken into account if I apply?
1:08:10 – What if I don’t have a clear career path? Will the programme help me figure out a path?
1:10:30 – Are English proficiency tests required as part of the application?
1:11:00 – Will I get a job or job offer after the programme?
1:11:40 – What is provided (e.g. accommodation, flight, etc.)?
1:12:08 – How are associates assigned to their placements, and are they guaranteed their choices?
1:13:40 – What if I have no work experience or I am still in university – can I apply?
1:19:45 – Is there a specific format I should use when submitting my CV?
1:21:30 – Do I need to have a degree from a top-tier or Ivy League university to join the programme?
1:23:40 – What is the typical career path for a DBA graduate? Which industries do alumni tend to pursue?
1:26:12 – What does a typical day look like when you are on the programme?

1:31:30 – Information for applicants from the Greater Bay Area of China