Building the case for an IoT testbed.

Building the case for an IoT testbed.

Industry: Public Sector | Digital Industry | Technology Industry
Year: Year 6 (2019-20)

A Middle Eastern head of states’ vision to advance the science and technology industry lobbied to build a case for a new a testing laboratory for the state. The idea was to create new data flows powering AI or machine learning applications.

DBA was called in to establish the best practice for business models for IoT testbeds and which key stakeholders and collaborators ought to be engaged. Establishing a high-level implementation timeline was vital to understanding the risks that may slow down roll-out and operation capacity.

The final delivery included short-listing potential partner companies, creating public engagement approaches, and producing a high-level implementation plan. DBA was successful in outlining these strategies for implementing a short- and long-term case for the establishment of an IoT testbed in the Middle Eastern state.