Responding to leading travel retailer’s competitive challenges.

Responding to leading travel retailer’s competitive challenges.

Industry: Retail Industry
Year: Year 5 (2018-19)

The impact of trends such as the growth of online retail, changing consumer segment habits, rising disposable incomes, and an upsurge in new customer segments such as FITS (Free Independent Travelers) was severely impacting the global retail market. As a well-regarded travel retail operator, this firm wanted to maintain its competitive edge and sought strategic advice to ensure it could do so in the next 3 years.

DBA undertook a benchmarking exercise which identified and analyzed the competitive landscape, global trends that may affect the firm’s competitiveness, competitors in the space, and the firm’s competitive strength and positioning.

This research and analysis culminated in a tailored positioning strategy allowing the firm to maintain a competitive advantage over the next 3 years, with a focus on the elements of a customer engagement strategy.