Supply chain management and material flow optimization.

Supply chain management and material flow optimization.

Industry: Transport Industry | Logistics Industry
Year: Year 6 (2019-20)

A ground and cargo handling aerospace company, working closely with a prominent airline in the MENA region, found that the current material flow process being used had many inefficiencies. The airline wanted to improve the process of repacking materials, loading/off-loading, and managing internal internal/external suppliers.

The company wanted answers to some operational questions such as: how can operational gaps be plugged? what would be the cost for alternative solution? and what are the benefits of updating their operational model? DBA was called to analysed and provide a response to these operational matters.

The final delivery of the project was a revised operating model for the aircraft appearance material flow. This solution is future-proof in line with the continued growth of the airline for the next 10 years and to meet the expectations and standards of the airline.